User Testimonials

TrafficSeeker has made promoting our websites a breeze. Each screen has a wizard which walks you through this process. Not only is it easy-to-use, but it does what it says it will do ...drives traffic.

- Mike McMillan
Java Stores

Submitting my website to all the different search engines used to be an all day affair. With TrafficSeeker we can do it AUTOMATICALLY. The program is worth the price just for this feature!

- Jessica Frances
Jeans & Jackets, Inc.

I've been using TrafficSeeker Platinum for over two years now, after trying everything else, and I have to say that it does the job amazingly well, and I've seen my search engine rankings go right to the top for chosen keywords for many of my domains.

The TrafficSeeker keyword analysis and site comparison tools are without equal, as is the ability to get through to the engines and create listings.

I'm just writing this note to say thank you very much for a very professional tool that is worth the investment a thousand times over.

-John Bremner