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This program consists of the following tools:

Project settings
Allows you to define the general site information about your site, including: author, title, URL, etc...

Running the spider utility will automatically generate a complete submission list for you, gathering each of the pages on your domain and adding them to your submission list! This utility will scan your web site and obtain the links from it for their further registration on the search engines.

This function allows you to register all of the links found by the Spider utility to all of the search engines.

This tool will show you where your site’s are ranked on the search engines. Just insert some keywords for the search and the Ranking utility will show you the number of links to your site which were returned by the search engine.

The report generartor will create a complete report of any given project. You can choose to create several types of reports according to the content as well as to the format (HTML, e-mail, plain text). These reports can be saved, or emailed to your clients!

Keyword Density Analyzer
The tool will analyze a web page for select keywords. This tool has many options which will help analyze a competitors site, and show you why a given site may be achieving a higher ranking than you. Great for tweaking your site to gain a higher rank!

Doorway Page Generator
This tool generates "search engine friendly" gateway pages which contain your site's keywords, plus automated redirection to your home page. These Gateway pages may be automatically generated and uploaded directly to your site. A great tool for better ranking!

Meta tag Utility
Allows you to insert the appropriate meta tag infromation directly into your existing web pages. This meta information will be used by the search engines and will ensure a proper registration of the pages on each of the search engine servers. This "meta information" may be automatically inserted into your page(s). Using and placing "Meta Tags" within your web page documents is a key factor in submitting, and getting listed!

FTP Uploader
The FTP Client will allow you to upload directly from the software, instead of having to use other FTP programs. The "built in" FTP utility will handle all of the publishing of your newly created doorway pages, and meta tag changes, and will publish these pages directly to your site. A great time saver!

Using the scheduler tool, you can now put all of yoru promoting efforts on complete AUTOPILOT!. Set up your project just once, then schedule it to auto submit for you a often as you'd like! The scheduler will start submitting your site(s) automatically! This is powerful feature that will save you time and money. Imagine... all of your promotion efforts will be handled automatically--at anytime you'd like!

This tool will check with our software server and notify you of any new software updates. Our database is constantly being updated to provide you with fresh submission data. Now you can update this data with just one click! Now you can always have the latest submission data!

System options
This tool allows you to specify the Proxy server settings, the SMTP server settings which are unique to your server and etc.

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