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Automated - unattended submissions

Create a project file for each URL or a complete domain for automated submission.

Built in Spidering Utility -

This feature will instantly visit your site, and gather every web page on your site for submission.

Edit URL Utility -

This feature allows you to add, or delete any pages on your site you wish to submit.

Doorway Page Creator -

The features will instantly create 50 or more optimized web pages that re-direct search engine traffic to your home page. This feature is an advanced tool for users who have FTP access to their own web server. This step is optional and is NOT required when submitting a URL or domain. See; Using the door generator tool

Engine Database -

The submission database is updated on a monthly basis and is one of the largest available submission databases. The data is broken down into key categories including U.S.A. and International Search Engines, Free for All Links Pages, Free Classified Ad Sites, Directories, and Online Malls. Each of your projects can be set up to a specific category to promote a program, domain, or URL .

Ranking -

This tool will report you if your site is found within the first 200 listings of the major search engines. Getting a listing within the first few pages of a search engine query is a very hard thing to do. This tool allows you to track down your site, or a one of competitors. By clicking on the "details" link in this report, you can then view the top pages that are ranked higher. Scrutinizing these top pages will give you a better idea how to create a web-page which would score a higher ranking.

Meta Tag Generator -

This tool will create an appropriate meta tag code for your HTML pages, with the properly formatted tags. With this tool the tags can be automatically inserted into your web pages directly, and even uploaded to your site. You can create different meta tags for each of your web pages.

Keyword Density Analyzer -

This tool allows you to compare your web page with another site which scores better results. This can be done on any search engine at your disposition. You can enter your own URL, and a one of your competitors, and the Keyword analyzer will compare the pages on side by side basis next. It will analyze your sites words content in detail, as well as that of your competitors' site, and present you the results. To score a higher ranking, you can then design your web page using the same formula.

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