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To create doorway pages, follow these steps blow:

The author of the site.

This is the key phrase that the most of engines use to show your listing. This is the text that is most likely to be seen when a user performs a search, and is presented with the search results. Be sure to write something "catchy" here to entice people to visit your site.

These key words should reflect the your web site content and subject. Don't get carried away here... some engines don't like dozens of keywords, thus we recommend choosing only 6-10 key words.

Enter Your Site Description this should be a well crafted, A short paragraph which makes an understandable suggestion on your web site general content.

Here's an example:

Widgets-R-us specializes in widgets from all over the world. Our widgets are hand crafted in Panama and exported directly to you.

Text before site URL
This text will be shown before your site's URL. You can type here "Welcome to my personal home page:" for example.

Site URL
This is an address of the site or the page where to redirect your doorway pages. As a rule, here you enter your home page URL .

Doorway pages URL
This URL should suggest the path to your doorway page directory on your web to call these pages from a browser.

For example:

No trailing slash is required. If you're not sure of the path to locate your server, please ask your web hosting provider for this information.

The name of the company which owns the site.

Phrases (related to the content of your site, one phrase per line)
Enter a number of phrases, using one phrase per line. These phrases should be similar to a phrase that someone would enter in a search engine in order to locate your site. Key phrases should reflect the your web site content and subject.

You can fill in the fields automatically by pasting the information from the project data. To do so press the Populate from projects button.

You should indicate the location of the door way pages generated. To do this choose an appropriate entry from Save generated pages to field

Upload You may wish to upload the doorway pages once generated to your server or Virtual domain. This can easily be done with FTP Uploader Feature.

To local directory - saves the pages on the local machine. Indicate the directory to save the files inserting while en trying into the appropriate field or selecting it from the Browse menu.

Indicate in the Doorway pages count field the number of the door way pages to generate. We recommend creating 12 or so.

If you want the generated doorway pages to be added to your submission list, check the check box and add the pages for submission.

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