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If you own a Search Engine, FFA page, Classified Ads site, Online Mall, or Message Board and would like TrafficSeeker to , please read our submission terms and complete the form below.

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Before submitting your request...
  • Your site/scripts must be able to handle a lot of traffic! TrafficSeeker submits anywhere from 2,000-50,000 submissions everyday. Make sure your scripts are stable and capable of handling this many requests.
  • Incomplete or incorrectly filled forms will not be processed.
  • Your site must be in working order and must be able to accept remote submissions from our submission server before you submit your request.
  • Your engine must be able to accept submission without any type of member login, or email confirmation required.
  • Any accepted sites where the resulting post-submission page is found not working, taking too long to load or has pop ups/pop unders will be removed from our list without notice.
  • We cannot add single user sites from these networks as we already submit to the entire network which would include these single pages.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any request at our sole discretion.
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